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The Royal Society of New South Wales - Southern Highlands Branch

General information about our lectures - start time, venue, admission, etc - may be found here.

2017 Lecture Series

The program for 2017 is a work in progress, and some entries below need more information.
Please check this page nearer the date of any lecture you are interested in, in case there have been changes.
Lectures will be held at the Performing Arts Centre at Chevalier College - our usual venue - for the time being, but we know that the Centre is likely to be refurbished during 2017. During refurbishment, we will be at some other venue. We will post the details here when we know them.

Please note : This website will not be updated again until October, so the information could be out of date. If you are not already on our emailing list, please contact Hub Regtop to receive email notices - see Contact page. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Date Speaker Topic
Thu 16 Feb 2017

Prof Adam Guastella
Principle Research Fellow Psychiatry, School of Medical Sciences, Brain & Mind Research Institute

Autism and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Thu 16 Mar 2017 Dr Barbara Briggs Two hundred years of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Australia’s oldest continuing scientific institution.
Thu 20 April 2017 Dr Michael Kennedy
Consultant Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist, St Vincent's Hospital
Post mortem drug studies : What happens to drugs after death
Thu 18 May 2017 Prof Gregg Suaning
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of NSW
The Bionic Eye
"... to do for vision what the Cochlear implant has done for hearing"
Thu 15 June 2017 Dr Michael Birrell Luxor temple : The Southern Harem of Amun
Thu 20 July 2017 Dr Wes Stein
Smoke and Mirrors – Where to for Clean Energy?
 Expected to be at the usual venue - Performing Arts Centre.
Thu 17 Aug 2017 Hugh Mackay
Psychologist, Sociologist and Social Researcher
The changing place of religion in Australia
Expected to be at the usual venue - Performing Arts Centre.
Thu 28 Sep 2017
NB. Date change!!!
Prof Peter Schofield
Executive Director and CEO, NeuRA
(Neuroscience Research Australia)
Alzheimer's [exact topic to be advised]
Please check the venue before each lecture. We are not sure that the  Performing Arts Centre will be available for this lecture. Thanks.
  Thu 19 Oct 2017 Prof Dean Rickles
Professor of History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, University of Sydney
Quantum Gravity (exact topic to be advised)
Thu 16 Nov 2017 Yik Lung (Jeremy) Chan
School of Life Science,
University of Technology Sydney
Effects of Maternal Cigarette Smoke Exposure

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