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The Royal Society of New South Wales - Southern Highlands Branch

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2015 Lecture Series

Date Speaker Topic
Thu 19 Feb 2015

Dr. Charley Lineweaver
School of Astronomy and Astrophysics and Earth Sciences,

Science, humility and the fallacy of the planet of the apes 
Thu 19 Mar 2015

Prof. Andrew Holmes
Sydney University

Your Poo and You:  gut microbes, diet and modern lifestyle changes

Thu 16 April 2015

Prof Richard Banati

Plastics in our environment
(a TEDx [abbreviated] version of the lecture is here)

Thu 21 May 2015
[date has been corrected]

Robert Pritchard
Executive Director, Energy Policy Institute.

The energy gods must be crazy

Thu 18 June 2015 Michael Parker
Headmaster, Oxley College, Burradoo
Ethics and Thinking Program for Schools
Thu 16 July 2015

Dr. Brian Keating

Food security in a changing world

Thu 27 Aug 2015

Prof. Richard Roberts
University of Wollongong

Discovery of “The Hobbit” Homo floresiensis

Thu 24 Sep 2015 Prof. Mary O'Kane
NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer

How the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer
provides advice to Government - using the Review into Coal Seam Gas Activities in NSW as an example

  Thu 15 Oct 2015

Dr Lydia Guja
Seed Bank Canberra

Importance of having a seed bank to conserve the world's plant resources

Thu 19 Nov 2015 Det Sgt Charles Agius
Forensic Services Group, NSW Police
Forensic Science applied to Police investigations

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