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The Royal Society of New South Wales - Southern Highlands Branch

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2013 Lecture Series

Date Speaker Topic
Thu 21 Feb 2013 Prof Gordon Parker Different depressive and bipolar mood disorders
Thu 21 Mar 2013 Dr Michael Birrell King Akhenaten: pharoah, fanatic or freak?
Thu 18 April 2013 Dr Andrew Ash Climate Adaptation Flagship
Thu 16 May 2013 Dr Rik Heslehurst Advances in aviation
Thu 27 June 2013
NB. 4th Thu in month, not the usual 3rd Thu
Prof Chris Gibson Household sustainability: challenges and dilemmas in everyday life
Thu 18 July 2013 Mr Tony Irwin     Nuclear power in Australia
Thu 8 Aug 2013
NB. 2nd Thu in month, not the usual 3rd Thu
 Dr Michael Raupach and William Kininmonth

Moderator: Ken McCracken
Climate Science Forum

Summary           Details
  Thu 12 Sep 2013 NB. 2nd Thu in month, not the usual 3rd Thu Prof Ken Freeman Dark matter
Thu 17 Oct 2013 Dr Peter Robinson The dynamic brain
Thu 21 Nov 2013 Prof Liz Harry Superbugs

(Backup talk - Douglas MacKinlay)

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