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The Royal Society of New South Wales - Southern Highlands Branch

2012 Lecture Series

Date Speaker Topic
15 Nov 2012 Dr John Wright Australian energy at the cross-roads
20 Oct 2012 Dr Thomas H. Rich, Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich, Peter Trusler Where art and science meet
27 Sep 2012 Dr Marc in het Panhuis The wonderful world of hydrogels
16 Aug 2012 Dr Chris Wilcox Understanding the extent and impact of rubbish in marine ecosystem
19 July 2012 Professor Brian Schmidt The accelerating universe
21 June 2012 Dr Stephen Allnutt Serial sexual homicide stalking, psychopathy and sexual deviance
17 May 2012 Dr Bryce Kelly Coal seam gas (CSG): what does science tell us about the impact?
19 April 2012 Dr Anatoly Rosenfeld Advanced radiation oncology modalities for cancer
15 March 2012 Dr Ken McCracken A controversial theory regarding sunspots and solar activity
16 Feb 2012 Dr Bruce Lee GM essential for health and food security

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