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The Royal Society of New South Wales - Southern Highlands Branch

2009 Lecture Series

Date Speaker Topic
19 Nov 2009 Dr Peter Donaldson Sir Joseph Hooker, the third man in the story of evolution (Jupe Productions’ television documentaries)
15 Oct 2009 Dr Ken McCracken The Sun goes on strike
5 Sep 2009 A live early music multimedia event by Andrew Byrne Flyer (text) poster Harmonious Revolutions - Galileo and The Music of the Spheres
20 Aug 2009 Dr Peter Slezak Re-trying Galileo
16 Jul 2009 Professor Brynn Hibbert Crooks, cranks, charlatans scientific scams and how to avoid them
18 Jun 2009 Professor Stephen Allnutt Deviant sexual behaviour
21 May 2009 Dr Tom Rich Mammals in the age of the dinosaurs
16 Apr 2009 Dr Ray Binns Mining the deep ocean floor, a new frontier
19 Mar 2009 Professor Ross Bradstock Managing bushfire risk in a changing world
19 Feb 2009 Professor Robert Carter Testing the hypothesis of dangerous man-made global warming
(lecture based on this paper or see here).
This lecture generated some controversy:
Letter from David Tranter
Reply from Bob Carter
Letter from Bob Thomas
For the position of the Royal Society (London) on climate, see http://royalsociety.org/climatechange/

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